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This is a bridge
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Place de l'independace du Senegal
Le coeur de la ville de Dakar
Hotel Radisson Blu
Hotel du haut monde des Affaires à Dakar
Le Monument de la Renaissance
Mort au coeur de la ville de Dakar erigé pour l'emergence Africaine
Port de Dakar
Porte d'entrée économique du Senegal

Located in Dakar, My Real Estate Agent, innovative Senegalese estate agency who wants to work from the perspective of its approach and ambitions.

Our main goal to be:

- The bond of trust union between landlords and tenants,

- We substitute clients and owners in the research of goods, purchasers, tenants, partners etc.

We are doing of new technologies and internet of a strong link to our administrative and commercial approaches to linker and automate our relationship with all our stakeholders in the real estate sector.

We support you in all your real estate transactions such as advice, project studies and feasibility, management and asset optimization for real estate companies.

 Miles   of ZIP code
Max(CFA;). 650,000,000
Listing for: For rent
Cost: 700 000,00 CFA;
Ref #:
Luxury apartment for rent Mamelles Ouakam
route principlale de mamelles
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